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Mock Brioche, Mock the Cold! December 30, 2009

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Mock Brioche, Mock the Cold!
Designed By Nicole Ivey

1 Skein of Chunky yarn, may I suggest Lion Brand Wool-Ease Chunky? It’s fantastic!
Size 11/ 8.0 mm needles
3 buttons, preferably around .75 in, up to 1.25 in.

If you need a fast gift to sling off your needles for someone this Christmas, THIS IS IT!
This mock brioche stitch will whip this seemingly firm and scratchy yarn into the most squishy, delish thing you have ever felt! Please let me know what you think! This is an easily customized pattern for width and length, making it masculine or feminine, depending on the yarn color and button choice. The look is super-pro!
Now, let’s Mock the Cold!
I cast on 22 stitches (do multiples of 4 then add 2 to your total ) and work the stitch pattern (simple 2 row repeat!) until desired circumference when wrapped. For a quick reference, the stitch goes like this: (I modified it to p1tbl instead of regular purl stitch, it looks MUCH nicer!) You can simply purl if you want (still Mock Brioche), but it doesn’t look as amazing!
-Row 1: *k3, p1tbl* across row to last two stitches, k2
-Row 2: p1tbl, then *k3,p1tbl* across row to last stitch, k1
Knit in pattern for 26”-30”. When you get to the desired length, work three simple k2tog’s and yarn overs (or however many for the number of buttons you choose) evenly into a row 1. I found that I could very snugly accommodate a button up to 1.25” if I had desired to, or for another project of this type.
For 3 buttons:
k4, yo, k2tog, k4, yo, k2tog, k4, yo, k2tog, k4
Work a couple more rows of the stitch starting back with a Row 2, until you have clearance for your buttons (don’t want them hanging off the edge!) and voila! Bind off following stitch pattern on a row 1.
To Finish:
Fold around to expose the side you like best, overlapping one end with button holes at the bottom and sew your buttons accordingly up the right edge! ENJOY INTENSELY!
It only took me 3 hours to make this, and I knit at a fairly relaxed pace. Ravel-mail me if you have any questions and if you make one, please share!!! I would love to see it!